Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule my inspection on a weekend?

Yes, by appointment only.

What forms of payment does your company accept?

-Cash -Credit & Debit Cards Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express -Checks (Check payments must clear the bank before your report can be released. This can typically take up to 3 days and is not the best method of payment for last minute inspections)

How long does an inspection normally take?

It really depends on the size of a property and if any ancillary services are requested. Typically an 1800 square foot home can take about 3 hours.

How long do I have to wait until I recieve my report?

On average, clients will recieve their report within 24 hours of me completing the inspection.

What should I do prior to the inspection?

  • Make sure that the attic access is free and clear of debris, and any personal belongings.
  • Make sure that all pets are in a secure location.
  • Make sure that all rooms are unlocked.
  • Make sure that all utilities are on.
  • If the property has a security system, make sure that it will be off during the inspection.
  • If applicable, make sure that the irrigation/sprinkler system will be off during the inspection.
  • Make sure that the main water shutoff, gas shutoff, and breaker panel are accessible.
By ensuring that these items are taken care of prior to your inspector's arrival will allow for a smooth and successful home inspection.​

Can your company tell me the value of my home?

No, this would be a question for an appraiser.

Can your company tell me how much repairs are going to cost?

No. This would be a question for a contractor. I do recommend getting multiple estimates from different contractors. I also recommend doing a little research on the ones that you are considering doing business with. I also highly recommend taking your time during this process.

Does your company treat for termites or repair termite damage?

No, home inspectors do not typically treat for termites or repair termite damage due to conflict of interest. Termite treatments can be done by a licensed pest control company and repairs can be made by a qualified contractor.

What gets inspected during a General Home Inspection?

During a General Home Inspection your inspector will inspect the following: -Structural System -Building Exterior -Roof System -Plumbing System -Electrical System -Heating System -Cooling System -Building Interior -Insulation and Ventilation -Fireplaces and Solid Fuel Burning Appliances Ancillary services are available upon request.